Doreen Awolana Addah transcended expectations when she emerged as the valedictorian of the 2023 graduating class alongside bagging seven prestigious awards at GH Schools.

Her extraordinary achievement was saluted by Joy Learning TV, who invited her for an exclusive interview to share her inspirational story.

Doreen Addah’s academic journey is nothing short of inspiring. Known for her intellectual curiosity, a consummate commitment to her studies, and an exemplary display of leadership, she embodies the qualities of a true achiever. As the 2023 valedictorian and a holder of seven awards, she set an unprecedented record at GH Schools.

Joy Learning TV, always proactive in revolutionizing the media industry, took it upon its shoulders to bring Ms. Addah’s highly motivating story to the public. The objective was to inspire students from different walks of life and demonstrate that hard work, grit, and tenacity lead to success.

During her interview with the host Anita Yayra Gbeku, Ms Addah credited her victory to her determination, perseverance and her unyielding faith including the unwavering support of her elder brother, CAMFED Ghana (NGO) and Mrs. Maria Asumpta Ngozi Chukwuka Nwosu, a Canadian-based philanthropist.

She also thanked her instructors at GH Media School for their constant guidance and instrumental role in molding her media acumen.  Similarly, the multi-awarding graduate never missed the opportunity to show her gratitude and acknowledge the journalist who brought her story to light, Mr. Joseph Kobla Wemakor, and further went to tout his achievements, including the latest recognition: his victorious win of the 5th UN Global Entreps Awards, which helped put Ghana on the global map.

“First of all, I would like to say a very big thank you to viewers out there and to Joy Learning for this wonderful opportunity. I also want to use this platform to say a very big thank you to the man who made my story known to the world, Mr. Joseph Kobla Wemakor. He wrote the story on me, which has actually given me the chance to be seated here, and congratulations to him because he has also won the UN award for SDG this particular year, so he has shined Ghana and brought Ghana to light. So, a very big thank you to him”.

Emphasizing the necessity for countless hours of effort and study, Doreen highlighted the importance of commitment and passion for achieving success in one’s chosen field.

“I would want to tell you that wherever you are or whatever situation you find yourself in, you can always make a better version of yourself,” stated Addah, as she earnestly advised fellow students to keep working hard and researching on whatever skills they aspire to acquire even when faced with setbacks, for diligence is rewarded eventually.

In respect to her training at GH Media School, Doreen asserted that the institution places emphasis not just on learning, but on character development too. She strongly advocates that every student should strive towards personal growth, coupled with academic excellence.

Doreen’s story is not just noteworthy for the accolades she received, but for her character and perseverance inspiring those who know her. Her achievements at GH Media School attracted attention beyond the school premises, leading to his featured interview at Joy Learning TV. Her message to aspiring learners suggests that the secret to success lies in perseverance, hard work, diligence, and an unwavering commitment to one’s chosen path.

The resilience Doreen displayed in his journey to becoming GH Media School’s 2023 Valedictorian and a seven-time award winner serves as a powerful testament to the potential within us all. Her inspiring interview on Joy Learning TV will continue to motivate learners toward pushing boundaries, setting new standards, aiming high, and proving that success is within anybody’s grasp.

Doreen Awolana Addah’s ascension in the field of media studies reveals that dedication and diligent work bring the desired result. We anticipate witnessing the meaningful contribution and transformative changes this young change-maker will make in the media landscape.

Watch the video on the full interview here:


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