Doreen Awolana Addah’s remarkable journey to success gained recognition when she recently emerged as the valedictorian of the graduating class of 2023 at the renowned GH Schools.

She has also claimed an impressive roster of seven awards, which indeed asserts her singular charisma and outstanding abilities.

Her numerous recognitions have spotlighted her, landing her a pivotal interview with the celebrated Multi TV’s Joy Learning Channel.

From an early age, Doreen Awolana Addah demonstrated zeal and a ceaseless passion for media studies. Her immense dedication to her academic endeavors has been abundantly reflected in her role as valedictorian of her class.

She seized every opportunity to learn, displaying an attitude of resilience and determination that has significantly contributed to her academic accomplishments.

The impressive suite of seven awards; Valedictorian of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Overall Best Student of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Overall Best Student in Journalism and Media Arts 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Best Student in Professional Acting of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Best Student in Radio Presenting of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Most Promising TV Journalism Student of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools and Well-Behaved Female Student of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools she won at GH Schools bears a testament to Doreen’s skills and prowess.

These awards encompass various domains and facets of media studies, underlining her versatility as a scholar. The awards mirror Doreen’s commitment to excellence, her aptitude to master varied spheres and her ability to continually raise the bar of her achievements.

The roller coaster ride of Doreen’s academic success has culminated with her being featured on Multi TV’s Joy Learning Channel – one of Ghana’s outstanding educational television stations.

This esteemed platform primarily known for inspiring and knowledge enriching content, recognized Doreen’s sterling achievements after her story told by Joseph Kobla Wemakor, a dynamic journalist and a human rights activist made waves paving way for her crucial interview.

During the interview, she shared anecdotes and insights into her journey, her challenges, and conquests, thus inspiring numerous young scholars across the country.

Doreen’s remarkable academic journey hasn’t been easy from the beginning, but rather through financial struggles. Born into a family of six (6) children and being the only girl among five boys who lost her father barely nine (9) months after birth, it was a major blow to her upbringing, including her dream of an education.

Through the support of her elderly brother, who resides in Accra (Ghana’s capital city), she witnessed her narrow escape from the clutches of poverty from the north, where she hails from, to the south (Accra) during her infancy.

“My brother had to pick me up from the north at the age of 2 years old to come stay with him here in Accra, and he has since been our only source of support. He wasn’t taking care of just me but also the rest of my siblings. So, it was difficult to get a means, and even talking of my education, I had to stay home for four years after senior high school just because at that time he was usually supporting my senior brother to go to university, and then from there, he would also help me out. So, I stayed at home, did menial jobs to support myself, and also saved towards my education.”

As a brilliant child in school, her entry into senior high school was facilitated by the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED Ghana), a non-governmental organization in Ghana that supports brilliant but needy girls to stay in school and offered her a scholarship to pursue her education at that level.

Her quest to pursue a 2-year Diploma Program in Media at the GH Media School was another hurdle, but the grace of God saw her through with a ‘good Samaritan, Ms. Ngozi’, a Canadian-based philanthropist who came her way and helped sponsor her education to the realization of her dream of becoming a journalist.

Her poised demeanor and uniquely comprehensive perspective showcased in the interview only solidified her position as a role model for the aspiring students in the field of media studies.

Doreen’s journey outlines the power of dedication and sheer persistence. She has emerged as an inspiration for many young individuals who aspire to make a mark in the field of media studies. Her accomplishments remind us that with resolute will and determination, one can overturn any obstacle. Doreen Awolana Addah’s story will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide young scholars for years to come.

Being a valedictorian and winning seven awards at GH Media School, much can still be expected from this hardworking scholar.

The spot on Joy Learning TV is just the beginning; the world is indeed waiting to witness more of Doreen Awolana Addah’s boundless potential.

But that can only manifest through another philanthropic intervention from a sponsor that can firmly position her to get enrolled at the University of Media Arts and Communication (UniMAC), where she aspires to fulfill her dream of higher education to obtain a degree in Journalism and Media Arts towards securing a proficient journalism career and above all, guarantee herself a brighter future.

She has therefore appealed to philanthropists, well-meaning individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs, CSOs, and the government to come to her aid and support her in getting enrolled in a university to obtain a degree in journalism in order to serve her nation and the world.


Source:Joseph Kobla Wemakor|

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