Mama Lynn Charity Foundation, a non-governmental organization based in Ghana has recently been instrumental in enhancing child rights awareness at Dadome D/A basic school situated at Mefe within the North Tongu District of the Volta Region,Ghana. 

Through interaction with the schoolchildren, the foundation’s team of volunteers, led by its founder, Madam Evelyn Agbese Wemegah, has conveyed essential information pertaining to the rights of children as stipulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC).

Evelyn has dedicated her life to advancing the rights of children, and her recent campaign in the North Tongu District is a testament to her unwavering commitment.

Her primary objective was to broaden the knowledge base of children on their own legal rights to help them better protect themselves against any potential injustice.

The campaign centered around four primary areas as accorded by the UNCRC: the right to survival, the right to development, the right to protection and the right to participation. 

Mefe Dadome D/A basic school in the district received age-appropriate, interactive sessions that allowed students to understand these rights in a relevant context.

While the right to survival relates to the provision of basic needs like food, shelter, and healthcare, the right to development involves education and play. The right to protection encompasses safeguards against abuse and exploitation, and the right to participation encourages children’s voices to be heard in matters concerning them.

Throughout the campaign, Evelyn stressed the need for children and adults alike to be aware of these rights. Her approach was marked by the desire to ensure children feel valued, respected, and understood. She encouraged open dialogue about child rights violations, fostering an atmosphere that ensured children feel safe to share any concerns or experiences.

The campaign was not just for the children but extended to teachers as well, emphasizing that understanding and upholding child rights is a communal responsibility. Evelyn urged the adults to foster a supportive and protective atmosphere to nurture the next generation, ensuring their holistic development.

By the end of the sensitization session, the school had not only become more aware of children’s rights but felt empowered to uphold these rights actively. 

Evelyn Agbese Wemegah’s contribution to the Dadome D/A basic school at Mefe in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, has undeniably furthered the child rights conversation, ensuring a safer, more aware environment for children to grow, develop, and express themselves freely.

Headmaster of the Dadome D/A basic school Mr. Glover Stephen Agbenyenu, in an interview on the sidelines of the exercise, could not hide his excitement about the gesture but expressed his gratitude to the Mama Lynn Charity Foundation team for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit the school, interact with the children, and instill in them invaluable knowledge about their rights and responsibilities.

In a related development, the campaign team also paid a familiarization visit to the premises of the Dadome Women Association, a women’s group in the community, where they had the opportunity to interact and enlighten them on their rights as women and responsibilities as parents to their children.

Bernice Adanya, the Secretary of Dadome Women Association, expressed her gratitude and shed light on the recent enlightenment session organized by the Mama Lynn Charity Foundation to educate women on the rights and responsibilities of parents towards children.

Speaking in an interview with, Mad. Adanya revealed the immense benefits that the NGO’s initiative had brought to her association members. “Even though we are mothers, we still have a lot to learn about child rights,” she said, lauding the NGO’s commitment to spreading awareness about child rights.

She went on to emphasize the positive impact of this education on her association members, who are now more adept at understanding and advocating for child rights in their communities. 

She expressed hope that these newly acquired insights would bring about a significant improvement in the way children are treated in their societies.

Adanya also implores other NGOs to follow suit, stating that more awareness is needed to ensure child rights are upheld across all communities. She pledged the full cooperation of her association towards such initiatives in the future.

Overall, the initiative undertaken by the Mama Lynn Foundation serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for other districts and advocates to continually strive for the propagation and protection of children’s and women’s rights, creating a world conducive for women and children.

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