The Central Tongu District in the Volta Region of Ghana has become a significant hub of excellence, particularly due to the indomitable spirit and virtuosity of its women. 

During the maiden Central Tongu Excellence Awards held on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, in commemoration of this year’s International Women’s Day, five exceptional women were recognized for their outstanding contributions across distinct sectors.

According to Confucius Caradoc Bedzina, the chief organizer of the Central Tongu Excellence Awards, “These illustrious women have not only brought fame to the district but are catapulting Central Tongu into a beacon of progress and contributing to shaping communities in Ghana while setting the pace for others to follow their footsteps.”

The prestigious honor, through a rigorous selection process, witnessed the nomination of seventy-three (73) top women achievers in the district who have excelled in various fields of endeavor worthy of recognition. Out of that number, sixteen (16) were shortlisted for the award, while five (5) emerged as winners.

Dr. Victoria Norgbey, a renowned advocate and the Executive Director of Global Women Development Promoters (GLOWDEP), a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Central Tongu District championing the rights of women and girls, bagged the prestigious honor award for her vibrant advocacy and philanthropic roles in promoting women’s rights and welfare.

Her relentless dedication to organizing career counseling for girls, skills development, protection of rights, and advocacy for women’s inclusion and participation in sustainable developments is unmatched.

The next in line is Mama Sename III, the supreme queen mother of the Mafi Traditional Area and vice president of the Tongu and Volta regions’ respective queen mothers’ associations.

She has received recognition for her outstanding support of numerous district development programs and initiatives.  As an educator, her commitment to fostering young minds impacts thousands across the district and beyond, setting a high standard for others to follow. The most revered traditional ruler derives passion from empowering women and the girl child economically with demonstrable leadership.

The third awardee, Mama Hodzige II, the queen mother of Klikor Traditional Area (Ablorgame), who also doubles as District Director for National Communication and Civic Education (NCCE), was acknowledged for her commendable role in driving social and cultural transformation within the community. Her role in promoting women’s rights, participation in chieftaincy matters, and empowering people across the district with a focus on education, training, and support for mostly women and the girl child has been exemplary.

Hon. Charity Boko, a passionate Assembly Member for the Agoe Electoral Area and the Basic School Coordinator for the Central Tongu District was applauded for her tireless advocacy roles shaping educational equity including women and girl child empowerment in the district.

Lastly, Ms. Evelyn Agbese, a renowned psychosocial and marriage counselor, received the award for exceptional contributions to bringing hope to children, men, and women in various communities in the district.

Ms Agbese’s tireless efforts effort and commitment towards empowering girls, women and the vulnerable in an inclusive participation development coupled with offering training, guidance and counselling to the disadvantaged across the district have been influential in restoring back hope to the people in the district.

These five (5) women have scripted their own narratives of empowerment, creating ripple effects of transformation in the Central Tongu District. Through their various fields of work, they have significantly influenced the progress of the district, setting an inspiration for the forthcoming generation. Their possible future achievements will undoubtedly continue to place Central Tongu on the map of excellence and progress.


Source:Joseph Kobla Wemakor|


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