The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Human Rights Reporters Ghana, Joseph Kobla Wemakor has been nominated for the prestigious Africa Peace Advocate Awards (APAA) slated for September 21, 2023, at the Pottersville Church Conference Hall in East Legon Hills, Santoe, Accra.

The news comes as a testament to his exceptional contributions to peacebuilding, human rights advocacy, and unprecedented efforts to promote the wellbeing of marginalized populations in Ghana and across the Africa continent.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor joins an esteemed league of distinguished individuals recognized for their significant achievements in peace advocacy.

APAA aims to honor individuals and organizations that have made considerable contributions to peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and human rights advocacy across Africa.

Closer to home, Wemakor has earned respect and acclaim as a relentless human rights advocate in Ghana.

Through Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), his non-profit, media and human rights advocacy organization, Wemakor has led and been a part of local and international initiatives that disrupt patterns of human rights abuses, nurture peace, and promote respect for human dignity.

Notably, HRRG’s campaigns have significantly raised awareness of human rights and propelled social change, thereby securing Wemakor a place among Ghana’s most influential human rights advocates.

Wemakor’s admirable efforts to stop child abuse and kidnapping are among his most prominent projects. He has developed and led a campaign to inform the public about the risks and severe repercussions of such acts while simultaneously working to support the victims of these atrocities.

In the year 2020, he launched a powerful media advocacy campaign on the issue of human rights violations in South Korea during the time of the first COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in Lee Man-hee, an 89-year-old man who is the founder and head of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus Christ, a growing minority and ‘unpopular’ church in Korea, being released from detention.

For his suspected involvement in concealing information from the South Korean government and authorities concerning church members, which they felt was detrimental to the effort to combat the pandemic, Mr. Lee was used as a scapegoat and wrongfully arrested and incarcerated.

Additionally, Wemakor’s influence extends beyond the borders of Ghana through his contributions to international dialogues on peace and human rights.

He makes regular appearances at high-level UN meetings and conferences, where he shares his insights on peacebuilding and highlights the urgent need to safeguard human rights across the globe.

Being nominated for the Africa Peace Advocate Awards is another significant milestone in Wemakor’s illustrious career.

This recognition provides proof of his continuous commitment to peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and the fundamental principles of human rights.

It also spurs him and his team at HRRG to further their work in transforming societies and fostering environments where human rights are not only respected but upheld as an utmost priority.

Despite the ongoing challenges in the fight for peace and human rights advocacy, Wemakor’s nomination signals hope for the future.

It echoes the message that changemakers like him continue to fight for a world where everyone can live without fear of oppression or violence, and enjoy their rights fully.

As the continent watches to witness this prestigious award ceremony in 2023, the nomination of Wemakor for the Africa Peace Advocate Awards has already elevated the narrative for peace and human rights advocacy in Africa.

It serves as a reminder to everyone that despite the challenges faced, hope remains, and progress is possible with dedication and concerted effort.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor’s nomination sends a powerful message across Ghana, Africa, and to the rest of the world- that tireless efforts to advocate for peace, protect human rights, and champion the cause of the less fortunate do not go unnoticed.

It further inspires individuals and organizations to keep advancing the cause of peace and human rights, not only in Africa but also on the global stage.

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